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You knock. I look out the peephole. I let you in, even if I don't know you. You get nasty, I throw your ass out. It's that simple. Don't give me a reason to lock the door.

I'm lucky

Posted By peepshow on Mar 21, 2007 at 12:24PM

Hey everyone!!

I'm participating in a Relay for Life, coming up April 27th!

I'm participating for a couple of reasons. The first is for my Mom's good friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm extremely lucky to say that I don't know anyone personally who has died because of cancer. I hope I can continue to keep that status. The second reason, I don't want my children, spouse, friends to be effected by a(nother) loss.

I might have been taking too much for granted, and now I have a chance to give back. And so do you.


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Bah Humbug!

Posted By peepshow on Nov 29, 2006 at 10:59AM

I'm a little bummed about this coming holiday season. I'm seeing everyone putting up pictures of their Christmas trees and/or decorations and I don't get to put any up. (Yet.) I'm moving in less than 2 weeks, so I can't get anything out or else I'll just have to pack it back up and move. And on Black Friday I went and bought a pre-lit 6 ft. Christmas tree (for only $25!) and it's sitting in its box pleading for me to open it. I'm not really into fake trees, but really- $25 and we're moving to Florida, so I'm guessing the real ones there are a mess. And we all know how much I like to clean. :innocent:

Also, we're in the process of buying a house and friends have been asking for an address to send their cards. I have some friends that don't know where they stand on the whole religion issue, but they send Happy Birthday Jesus cards. So, I don't have an address for them!! I don't want to jinx the buying process by giving away the new address, and then have something happen where we can't close and therefore not move into THAT house.

Then when we do move and I can set up for Christmas... it's just going to be me and my husband (and the fur kids). No big deal, except this is the first time that it'll just be us. I won't have my mom or my brother come. Last Christmas we invited everyone over to OUR house, and EVERYONE came. My mom, my brother, his mom, his brother, his dad and step-mom, his step brother and sister. Now it's just going to be us. Which is fine. Which will be fine, since it will be special for us- just us (and the fur kids). And I won't have to make a huge dinner, just enough for two.

Don't even get me started on presents. I don't get to see the reactions to the gifts I've bought. I have to send them in the mail. BORING. And since we're buying a bit of a fixer-upper (understatement), family has already said they're going to get us gift cards to Home Depot and Lowes (which I am thankful for) but it's not the same as unwrapping a gift on Christmas morning surrounded by the gift givers!

Humbug. Tell me it'll be okay, even if I have to resort to wrapping the moving boxes.

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Is emotional cheating REALLY cheating? (PUBLIC)

Posted By peepshow on Oct 31, 2006 at 7:52AM

I've heard a lot about 'emotional cheating' on the news and in discussions. I want to know your thoughts! Does emotional cheating exist?

Photos of me in Jen's FabFind!

Posted By peepshow on Oct 16, 2006 at 7:00AM

Jennifer76 found this dress on FabFinds... and I loved it, so I bought it. Originally to wear to the Marine Corps Ball. However, once trying it on I found it to be more appropriate to wear to the few weddings I have left to go to. So, I wore it last Friday (the 13th, I know, who gets married then?) to my friend's wedding!! YEAH!

The best Paris Hilton pose:

And here is another picture, with my BBFs:
Chrissy (NYC), Jess, and Myself.Chrissy (NYC), Jess, and Myself.

Chrissy is my BFF, who works in NYC, who hooked it up for Fashion Week. I love these women! And my Stop Staring- Niagara Dress, THANKS JEN!!

Oh, and this unknown woman has the same dress:

In Honor of Formal Friday

Posted By peepshow on Sep 29, 2006 at 7:48AM

Okay, so November 11th is the Marine Corps Ball. It's a formal event. I have issues with my back, I have scars and I don't like to show it off.
So... would anyone want to help me find a FORMAL dress with a back? I don't want to deal with a shrug or shawl or anything that just covers it temporarily.

What was Captain Hook's name before he needed the hook?

Posted By peepshow on Sep 19, 2006 at 12:15PM

(Sorry to disappoint, there is no punchline. But it has awesome capabilities.)
I wanna hear your answers for what Captain Hook's name was when he had 2 hands. You know, before the incident that left him needing a hook for a hand.
I was gonna make it a poll, but realized it'd be more fun with just write in answers.
Have at it, mateys! Captain HookCaptain Hook

Large dogs don't want to live there ANYWAY!

Posted By peepshow on Sep 13, 2006 at 12:13PM

I'm moving in November (or November-ish). We have a 'large dog.' She's about 45 lbs. That classifies her as 'large.' I'm looking online for apartments and houses to rent, especially with the Dog Friendly and Pets Welcome icons. I find some and they're nice. Nice enough to perk my interest. So I click on the ad and I notice-- under the pets okay? category: Inquire for Pet Policy. Okay, so I inquire about the pet policy. I have no problem paying a non-refundable pet fee, or a monthly pet fee. I'm even okay with paying BOTH. Well, the pet policy is no dogs allowed over 25 lbs.
I love all dogs, all cats, okay all animals except snakes. But seriously, how can you advertise Dog Friendly and ONLY allow small dogs? All dogs bark. All dogs poop, and its required to pick it up! There's no sign that says if your dogs poop is larger than... (you get the point). Any kind of dog, regardless of size, might have an accident on the floor.
Winnie doesn't bark incessantly, she 'goes' practically on command, she's been accident-free for 2 years and is crate trained!
Why are these places discriminating against my 'large' (even though I would describe her as medium) dog? UGH!! We might have to look into buying, even though we have no idea how long we'll be there.